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From Ben Zirwin FB In Regards To Silent Auction For Dothan

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Sep 26 2017 11:13 PM

From Ben Zirwin FB post;

Update on "Silent Bids" for Dothan Animals

COPY AND PASTE URL:    https://www.32auctions.com/PawsForACause2017

Many facts have been either confused at times or not disseminated in the same places and this has caused a lot of confusion. I do not believe this will answer every question, but I want to make sure I can try and share as much as I know to be factual, so that it helps everyone be aware of what I currently know will happen Thursday night. 

Prior to delving into the details, and with regard for the fact that many will continue to send hateful comments my way, I will share with you, that while I have been involved as a participant in this process, I can assure you of one thing. There has been countless hours devoted to how to achieve the stated goals, while maintaining the safety and security of the animals involved. Whether you agree or disagree with the final decisions made by those involved, I can tell you I have watched them listen, learn, react and respond to everyone who they provided an audience with and never once did I doubt that they care about these animals. 

I have sought and received many answers and I will try now to share as much as I know with you, in hopes that it will allow you to prepare if you are attending, or to simply make sure you know as many facts as possible.

I'll start with the animals involved. All animals involved have received heartworm tests and all but one or two of the animals involved are negative. I know the one or two that are being treated are under current care. Also, all of the animals have received rabies shots. It is my understanding, that during the silent bid, there will be many people there sharing information with whomever is interested about each individual animal and their specific medical history and any known issues. 

There will also be other animal people there to speak about the specific needs of each breed and share any details needed to make informed decisions about whether this animal is right for you based upon your specific situation. 

The animals will be placed in three separate locations in the civic center and a semi private area will be available to briefly interact with an animal under the supervision of one of the people in charge of that specific area. 

I have personally interacted with these animals and have found them to be in really good spirits and very active and engaging. But I do know there will be people present who will talk about Puppy Mill animals and what you might can expect. All of this is being done in an effort to educate people who might be interested in adopting these animals through the silent bid process. The more information that can be shared with a potential bidder should help in finding the best home possible for each animal. 

There is an extensive bidder/adoption form that will need to be filled out by any person who wants to bid on these animals. This is done in an effort to gather as much information as possible to help make sure they know as much as is reasonable to in an effort to protect the best interests of each animal. 

The animals will be allowed to leave that night, to whomever the committee decides is the winner of the silent bid. An animal care visit will be completed prior to leaving. Also, packages are made up for the animal to take with them which has dog food, and other items that have been donated to make sure the animal has not only food, but the exact food the animal has been eating. 

Follow up home visits will also be occurring to make sure the animals are in good shape later down the road. 

I am sure I am missing a few things here, but as you can see, many efforts are being made to make sure there is plenty of education being provided about each individual animal and about the potential issues one might could expect if they take one of these babies to a forever home. All of this is being done in an effort to maximize the chances of a good home being found for each animal. 

Lastly, the process for how these animals will be "selected" from the silent bid process is fairly unique. But it is being done this way, to once again make sure that each animal goes to the best home possible. 

A committee is designated who will ultimately decide who "wins" each individual silent bid. This committee is made up of educated animal people who want to see each animal in a loving and nurturing home. So let me explain how this works....

The silent bid form you fill out upon arrival will request information about you and the environment you will provide. You will then be given a bidder number and allowed to bid on each animal. At the end of the silent bid process, which is 7:30pm. The silent bid sheets will be gathered and the committee previously selected will review each bidders information previously provided and also review the bid sheets. They will gather and decide based upon all known facts at that time who they determine is the "winner" of each animal. The efforts of the committee is to weigh the best interests of the animal and making sure that animal ends up in the best possible situation based upon the facts they have in front of them. 

I personally really like this aspect of the silent bid process. It adds an element needed to make sure that each animal gets the best opportunity to end up in a great home. I know there is a preference for an animal that goes to a home that night. I believe that there is a preference for local ownership of the animal. Those along with information provided by the adoption form and face to face discussions during the night by the people tasked with meeting and talking with prospective bidders should add a very strong likelihood that each animal will end up in a great new home. 

There will be a lot of opportunities to educate people about these animals during the night and a great effort is being made to make sure the best interests of these animals is the main priority throughout the night. 

Also, should someone decide later there is an issue, if they return the animal to the shelter, they will receive a fifty percent refund if the animal is in good care and health. The City is doing this to make sure that no matter what, the animal ends up in a good home, or at least every reasonable effort is being made to make that happen. 

I am sure I have not covered everything, and I have no doubts a few remain in disagreement even with all of the efforts being made by The City of Dothan. However, being invited to listen and contribute where I can, I have watched firsthand the desire to have these animals end up in great homes while trying to raise funds for much needed shelter improvements. 

I have no idea if in the end this is the best or not. However,  I have chosen to be involved and help where I am allowed to, in an effort to do whatever I can to make the silent bid process a chance for these animals to have good homes. 

Please continue to help animals as best you can. I hope anyone who doesn't want one of these babies, at least considers donating to the Dothan Police Fund to help fund a new shelter. 

Lastly, there are a lot of people who have worked very hard to protect, nurture and care for these animals. Please do not attack them. They do not deserve that. The City was faced with tough choices and made the decision they saw best for today and tomorrow. Leaders are often given tough positions and asked to do the best they can with what they are given.

From Ben Zirwin FB In Regards To Silent Auction For Dothan

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