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How Do We Know What The Truth Is and How Do You Defend Yourself?

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Nov 20 2017 10:57 AM

ALABAMA:    It has been somewhat amusing to me to see all of what has been written about Roy Moore and what the “so called” political leaders have said.

First and foremost let me be clear:  Rickey Stokes has no idea if the allegations against Roy Moore are true or false. And the following statements are not intended to defend or condemn Roy Moore.


Washington D.C. and many in Alabama spent millions of dollars attempting to defeat Roy Moore for United States Senator. The Republican leadership did not want Roy Moore as United States Senator, they wanted Luther Strange.

The voters said differently, they wanted Roy Moore.


This is the biggest question I have. Why now?

Roy Moore was a Circuit Judge in Etowah County that came under fire because of the Ten Commandments.

Roy Moore was elected as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. He came under fire because a United States Federal Court Judge ordered the removal of the Ten Commandments from the building where the Alabama Supreme Court is located.

Attorney General Bill Pryor and a group of UNKNOWN’S removed Roy Moore for not bowing to the United States Federal Court Judge and removing the Ten Commandments.

Then Roy Moore ran unsuccessfully for Alabama Governor.

Then Roy Moore ran and “stomped” all opponents and was re-elected as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. He issued a order again against some Federal Judge. Then another group of UNKNOWN’S removed Roy Moore after the people elected him.

Roy Moore then takes on the Washington Establishment and stomps Luther Strange. Remember, before Strange was Alabama Attorney General he was a lobbyist in Washington D.C.

Strange had the money connections in Washington D.C. and the powerhouse was for Luther Strange.

Roy Moore upset that apple cart.

WHY NOW?     Why now has this surfaced? Why has this not surfaced before now?  With all that Roy Moore has been involved in, the group that challenged the Ten Commandments while he was Circuit Court , twice when he was Alabama Supreme Court Justice and removed from office, ran for Governor, and ran for United States Senate.

Why has this not surfaced on Roy Moore before now?


When you are out to destroy someone sex allegations make you dirty. Most of the time the sexual allegations are not where they can be proven, most especially when they occurred some 30 to 40 years ago. So if your agenda is to destroy someone then make the allegations sexual in nature.

It then becomes a swearing match. Which one do you believe the most? Why would someone wait so long to come forward? A lot of suspicious questions. That combined with the money spent by the Washington D.C. people against Roy Moore, that makes it even more suspicious.

From Roy Moore’s standpoint, how in the world can you defend yourself against such allegations?


The one thing Roy Moore can never be criticized about. He has been under fire and lost the seat as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court by a select group of UNKNOWN’S. No one  can name the people who removed him, but the people’s vote did not matter. But never one time has Roy Moore ever denied Christ or his Christian Belief or principles no matter the cost.

Most politicians would have never stood firm in their faith if it meant they would lose their “position” in life as an elected official.

And in some countries, the Christian belief, they would have been shot for standing firm in their faith and belief.

So like him or dislike him, guilty as accused or not guilty as accused, Roy Moore has never denied Christ.


In Alabama, political party trumps decency. In Washington D.C., there is no decency. Political party trumps everything.

In Alabama, no matter what, if you are a Republican – you support the Republican nominee.

There has only been one person with the backbone and integrity to put the party aside and do what they felt was best for the state. And that person was booted from the Republican Party.

Senator Harri Anne Smith felt the Demoratic Nominee for the United States House of Representatives, Bobby Bright, would best serve this area. That Bobby Bright would be the person to fight for Ft. Rucker and the sustainment of Ft. Rucker in the military cutbacks.

Senator Harri Anne Smith publically endorsed Bobby Bright for the United States House of Representatives.

As a result of the backbone and most of all the integrity of Harri Anne Smith wanting what was best for this area and not the party, you know what Harri Anne Smith has been through.

  1. Kicked from the Alabama Republican party.

  2. Indicted by a Federal Grand Jury and faced trial twice to be found not guilty.

  3. Over $ 8 million dollars spent by the Alabama Republican super party to beat her.

  4. Her fellow Senators and Representatives dogged her when she was indicted. But when Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard was indicted they signed letters of support for him and re-elected Hubbard as Speaker of the House. But they were hateful to Harri Anne Smith.

  5. Some local powerhouses who think they control elections were hateful to Harri Anne, shunned her, made her feel unwelcome at events, then have been critical of her for not showing up to the rich and famous dog and pony shows.

  6. Senate Pro Tem Del Marsh, a leading Republican, met with then Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz in Troy four years ago trying to get Schmitz to run against Senator Smith. He refused. They found someone else to run.

  7. The Montgomery powerhouses have attempted to destroy Senator Smith. They say because she is an independent and not a Republican that she cannot get anything done. But the people have twice elected her as an independent.

  8. And Senator Smith is an Independent because she has morals and a backbone and does not follow the party lines. She does what she thinks is best for the citizens and not the party. That is why the party wants to beat her and spent over $ 8 million dollars to do so.

So it has been funny to watch the Alabama Republicans. Because if Charles Manson ( deceased in prison ) was the Republican nominee, according to the Republican Party, all Republican office holders are required to support that nominee.

What is funny, one Slocomb lady is the only person who has had the backbone and integrity to stand up and say, NO.  All of the men cave and do what the party tells them to do…


Roy Moore has not been charged. So no way he can defend himself.

The registered voters are going to have to vote their conscious after prayer.

But…weigh the situation and timing of what is being said.


This entire Roy Moore situation is a Republican orchestrated event. Might be the Washington slime that is behind the orchestrated event.

But I personally know the Alabama Republican’s have done the same thing to Senator Harri Anne Smith. And some of the “elite” in this area have done the same thing.

Again, I can not say Roy Moore did or did not do something 40 years ago. Just amazing at the timing.

But since this developed, not one single issue that really affects the people has been discussed.


How Do We Know What The Truth Is and How Do You Defend Yourself?

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