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Preliminary Hearing Of Kenny Glasgow

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Apr 06 2018 3:47 PM

HOUSTON COUNTY:   2:30 PM.  The preliminary hearing of Kenny Glascow before Houston County District Court Judge Benjamin Lewis.

The courthouse under tight security personally handled by Houston County Sheriff Donald Valenza.

Glasgow is represented by Attorney Derek Yarbrough and Darryl Atkinson from North Carolina.

The State is represented by Assistant District Attorney Russ Goodman and Mark Johnson.

Dothan Police Investigator Judson Dodson. He is assigned to Violent Crimes.

Dodson was dispatched to a murder between 10 and 11 at night on Allen Road. When he arrived they had two vehicles, multiple people and the deceased body.

Little information was known other than people detained. Glasgow, the driver of the car, a Jamie Townes down the road, and other people. All were assumed as suspects.

After being on the scene for six to ten minutes Dodson went to the Dothan Police Department to begin interviews. A Ms. Williams, girlfriend of Glasgow, first said she was the driver of the vehicle. After a period of time Williams said she was actually at home and Glasgow called multiple times having her come to the scene to say she was driving. Williams was more concerned about her car she had just purchased.

After unraveling lies and six to eight hours of interviews, finally a witness said Town‘s got out of the car with a handgun. Towns was in the backseat behind the driver of the car.

The witness said she saw Town’s with a large all black pistol. Dothan Police found a handgun in the woods behind where Town’s was taken into custody.

A witness said the shooter went into the car where the victim was shot. The drivers door was opened and she was leaning out the door.

The investigation revealed four people were in the car driven by Glasgow. They left from Blackshear Street where the car alledged to have been taken by the victim.

People testified Blackshear Street was Jamie Town’s Street and no one could believe that someone would take Town’s car.

Glasgow went in Blackshear Street. When Glascow learned Town’s car was taken Glasgow told him he just saw Town’s car. Glasgow offers to take Town’s to look for the victim or vehicle.

Investigator Dodson said no indication any of the four knew Ms. Jenning’s. Glascow told police in his crime days they would dump stolen cars on State Avenue and why they went over there.Multiple statements about collisions. The car driven by Glasgow was struck on the side and rear. Dothan Police could not find a car that struck Glasgow vehicle.

The car driven by Jenning’s, the victim has damage. She hit several things to include a tree. After multiple crashes by Jenning’s it is believed that she finally struck Glascow’s Vehicle.

There were multiple shell casings. The car was struck four times based on Forensics.

At Lake and Allen is where Jennings struck a house, then on Allen Street, then west on Lake Street. That is where the vehicle was found and Glasgow’s vehicle was facing south on Allen Road. Glasgow told police that he drove the vehicle to Allen Road.

West of where the vehicle was found Investigator Dodson believes 10 shell casings were found. A total of 14 shell casings were found. One of the four at the Jenning’s vehicle was one of the shots fired that killed Jenning’s.

Glasgow has three people with him looking for vehicle taken from Town’s. Ten shots fired at one location and then four at another location. No shots are believed to have been fired outside the car if Glascow. Town’s admitted to getting out of the car but never admitted to shooting the vehicle.

Once Town’s exited the vehicle and shot, both the ten shots and four shots, he never got back into Glasgow’s vehicle.

At first Glasgow said Williams was driving the car. Once Glasgow came clean on that part Glasgow started answering questions. No evidence Glasgow attempted to leave or call 912. Only he called Ms. Williams to say she was driving.

Dothan Police Patrol was in the area investigating a suspicious vehicle and was in the scene in seconds.

Glasgow said Town’s remained in the vehicle the entire time. Town’s was apprehended attempted to flee. Town’s and other’s said Town’s was not in the vehicle st the time of the shooting.

Investigator Dodson questioned Town’s. He admitted that he and he alone entered his vehicle. Town’s leaned in the vehicle as the way the victim was found. Town’s never knew it was a female because she had shaved her head and the clothes she was wearing.

Glasgow told police he arrived in Blackshear Street and offered to carry him to look for the vehicle. Glasgow used his cell phone to attempt to locate Town’s iphone that was in the car.

Judge Lewis asked, other than Glasgow not being truthful, what did Glasgow do. Glasgow was not truthful and after the crime occurred drove around the vehicle that Jenning’s body was in.

Didson has been with Dothan Police for six to seven years. Towns is known to sell illegal narcotics on Blackshear Street and that street is known for the sell if illegal narcotics.

Several properties in the area of Blackshear Street are owned or operated by the Ordinary People Society. 

Goodman asked Dodson if through the investigation was there a relationship between Glasgow and Town’s. Dodson said several people said Glasgow there reguraly and has a close and intimate relationship with Town’s.

Under questioning by Derek Yarbrough, Investigator Dodson said Dothan Police Patrol were on a call already of a car that had driven through a church parking lot.

Investigator Dodson arrived around 11 AM. What called Police to Town’s was he was rink g, near the scene, dressed in all black, and had blood on him

The investigation did not reveal the location where Jenning’s and Glasgow vehicle hit. But police do know that the Jenning’s vehicle struck the Glasgow vehicle.

The Jenning’s vehicle had significant damage, back window busted out, the hood up, and more damage. But that damage was prior to impact with Gkadgow’s vehicle.

Investigator Dodson was in the scene ten minutes. He was instructed to go to the police department to begin questioning. Dothan Police Patrol transported all of the people to police headquarters.

No bullets or guns found in the Glasgow vehicle and no guns in the Jennings vehicle. unknown if Jennings had any injuries other than the gunshots. The autopsy report was not in.

Williams was worried about her vehicle and not the crimes. Williams was worried about insurance not paying for damage with Gladcow driving. Glascow told police the same that he was concerned about the damage to the vehicle.

A female named Ms. Bush was interviewed. She said Jennings vehicle hit them and a vehicle from the rear end. The rear vehicle pushed the Glasgow vehicle. That she saw Town’s Get out of the vehicle and saw him with a gun.

Another witness, John, told Police the Jennings vehicle hit Glasgow vehicle in their lane of traffic and he felt a vehicle hit them from the rear. John never saw a Towns with a gun. 

Glasgow also told police Jennings hit from the front and another vehicle hit from the rear. Glasbow then crouched down when the shooting occurred. Investigator Dodson testified it is possible Glasgow did not know Town’s exited the vehicle. Glasgow said Town’s was still on the scene.

The shots fired came in just before 11 PM. The suspicious vehicle call was about 10:40 PM.

A lot of police officers on the scene.

Yarbrough asked if it is possible Glasgow did not know Town’s had run. All in the car say a car hit from the front, rear and Town’s got out a shot.

The time Glasgow picked up Town’s. Investigator Dodson said sometime 10 because of video of them at a gas station.

Town’s was concerned someone had his vehicle but did not know who. Investigator Dodson testified Town’s used Glasgow’s phone to track his vehicle because his phone was in the car. 

Glasgow told police that he did not know Town’s had a weapon. Glasgow said he was there to help Town’s locate his vehicle and the other two in the car were along for the ride.

Assistant DA Goodman asked if they used the phone to locate the vehicle wasn’t it the smart thing to do to call 911. After the shooting would it not been smart to call 911. Investigator Dodson said they encourage people to call 911.

Investigator Dodson said the damage to Glasgow vehicle was not major. Both vehicles were black in color.

Yarbrough asked if Town’s said he could not believe anyone stole his car. Investigator Dodson testified he did say that but also said his car was stolen.


In order to convict Glasgow on complicity, the state has to show Glasgow knew. On felony murder have to show Glasgow went to commit a felony. To charge with complicity you have to show intent or knowledge a crime was going to be committed. Yarbrough argued no evidence that Kenny Glasgow knew a crime was going to be committed. The three in the vehicle, to include Glasgow, gave the same story.

No testimony anyone of the three in the vehicle had any knowledge or intent to commit a crime.

Goodman completely disagreed with Yarbrough.

Judge Lewis asked to explain. Goodman said intent could be formed at anytime. Goodman said Glasgow never called 911 but Judge Lewis asked was that a requirement. Goodman said it is not.

Judge Lewis said if the shooter shot from the vehicle then there would be a problem. Goodman said After the shooting Glasgow turned the corner alleging he followed Town’s down the street. 

The evidence after Town’s Exited the vehicle no testimony Town’s ever re-entered the Glasgow vehicle.

The state grasped at straws saying Glasgow never attempted to flee the scene. Judge Lewis said that would have been worse. Goodman kept insisting that Glasgow never called 911. But not calling 911 was no crime.

Goodman said Glasgow assisted Town’s in finding the vehicle. But that was not a crime.

Houston County District Court Judge Benjamin Lewis, after arguments from council, Judge Lewis said he sees no evidence of any intent to commit any felony. The theory was he was complicit that his acts were linked but no evidence is seen.

Arguemeny by Yarbrough that a Capital Murder suspect can get bond. The court has to look at the offense committed and the likely he would be convicted of Capital Murder. Yarbrough said Glasgow has ties to community and if the court was to bind over on Capital Murder that bond be given.

Yarbrough said that he ask the court to dismiss the case.

At 3:46 PM the case is taken under advisement for a later ruling.

Preliminary Hearing Of Kenny Glasgow

First Funeral

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