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Sam Tew - Candidate For Dothan School Board Chairman Arrested

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Jul 04 2017 11:37 AM

DOTHAN:    With no tag on the vehicle a Dothan Police Officer made a traffic stop this morning. It turns out the vehicle as driven by Sam Tew.

Tew is a candidate for Dothan School Chairman.  He wanted to run for Mayor. But that requires 100 signatures from qualified electors in the City of Dothan. Tew could only get 25 of the 100 required signatures.

To run for Dothan School Board no signatures are required. Thus the reason Sam Tew is running for Dothan School Chairman.


I really regret having to do this story. And I am not trying to trash Sam Tew, however he has placed his name on the election ballot to be the Chairman of the Dothan City Schools.

The entity which is responsible for teaching students from kindergarten through 12th grade and preparing them for the future.

And there is no way that Sam Tew could handle the job as School Board Chairman.

And because it is such a awesome position of responsibility with major consequences that affect many employees and students, I feel the responsibility to make sure the qualified electors are fully aware of Sam Tew.

Sam Tew first started employment with the City of Dothan in 1987 as a meter reader. Sam transferred to the Dothan Fire Department.

At this point and time Sam was a perfectionist. He was a painter in addition to the Dothan Fire Department.

To Sam’s defense Dothan Fire had a problem Fire Chief, Gerald McDaniel. There were major management issues under McDaniel’s tenure. Then Dothan City Manager Jerry Gwaltney forced McDaniel to retire.

During the interim period after McDaniel’s departure the City Manager was Acting Fire Chief with the assistance of some Batallion Chief’s.

Sam Tew kept issues going and causing problems. Dothan City Manager/Acting Dothan Fire Chief Jerry Gwaltney terminated Sam Tew’s employment with the City of Dothan. The reason listed was violation of Dothan Personnel Board Rule 3-43 (18), Gross Insubordination.

Each time Sam Tew has had issues he has taken off to Southeast Alabama Medical Center – Behavioral Medicine Unit. He has referred to it as his “safe haven”. Tew claims because he is afraid of the police.

Tew’s confrontations with the police are because he has been focused on the circumstances of his job discharge. This focus has existed since 1995 and continues today. Sam causes his interactions with the police. And each time from 1995 to present he claims police assault.

In a report to Houston County Probate Judge Luke Cooley on October 24, 1995, “ He ( Tew ) goes to all city commissioners meetings, where he constantly interrupts, making threats and praying. He has had to be physically removed from those meetings and the fire department. He prays for the people he is in conflict with, stating that  he is going to win the game with dignity and class”.

“In 1995, Tew is reported to “have torn wiring out of a relative’s car. He was drinking alcohol while taking stress pills. The police were called to a club where Tew was taking his clothes off. Tew rambles and has illusions of his mother and God coming back to earth to help save people. It is alleged he has two guns and has threatened the mayor and others”.

In 1995 Tew “has no insight into his illness and need for medication”, according to reports.

In November 1995 Sam’s family filed for Involuntary Commitment into Behavioral Medicine. A petition that was granted by then Probate Judge Luke Cooley.

The reasons given were that Sam Tew threatened the life of Mayor Alfred Saliba, and Tew threatened the lives of various family members of the Dothan Fire Department as a result of his termination.

Later Tew had another petition filed in Probate Court with allegations of a recent overt act “ proximity to traffic in the 1200 block of Montgomery Highway, setting off numerous false fire alarms, harassing customers at Neon Moon Restaurant, calling in a bomb threat to Dothan Fire Department ( Farley Nuclear Plant ). This was in December 1996.

In 1995 Tew made allegations of then Mayor Alfred Saliba and continues to make the same allegations against each and every Mayor and City official in 2017.

When arrested in 1995 Tew claimed police assault. In 2017 when arrested Tew claimed police assault.


A mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. It is real and a fact of life and no different then high blood pressure, heart issues, or any other medical issue.

The problem comes when the patient refuses to take the medications and get the medical treatment and counseling treatment needed.

Mental illness is controllable if the person seeks the right medical professional and follows the medical advicr and counseling advice.

The problems arise when the person refuses to admit there is a problem, seek the medical and counseling help, and follow that prescribed treatment.

Sam Tew refuses to do that. He goes all over talking about each official, to include myself.

Sam Tew’s termination was October 3, 1995. Still in July 2017 Sam can not get over it and causes disruption.

Just like his actions in 1995, in 2017 Dothan Police Chief Steve Parrish had to issue a ban against Sam at Dothan Commission Meetings.

Sam, I know this article is going to make you mad with me. But you placed your name on the ballot to a very important responsibility that involves children.

Go to the doctor, get on your medication, and get a handle on yourself. You have good qualities. Things happen in life that is not fair. Were you mistreated under Dothan Fire Chief Gerald McDaniel’s tenure? YES.

Did Dothan City Attorney Len White commit actions that he should have been disbarred or suspended for, better yet fired for? YES.

But there comes a time when life must go on. Yours needs to go on.


Sam will produce a tape in which he claims I threatened to kill him. On the tape you will hear me cussing because I forgot the golden rule “you can not reason with a unreasonable person”, and I lost my temper with him.

But Sam invented this water pressure pistol. And I was calling Sam telling him, man, you are not going to continue at the commission meetings, they are already afraid of your actions.

Sam has carried that pressure washing pistol in his brief case to commission meetings. And I was telling Sam he would make a sudden move and produce something like that water pressure pistol and end up getting shot.

Sam twisted to where I threatened to kill him.

Sam has tried to get arrest warrants on me saying I threated to kill him. He has threatened me that he will play that tape for my preacher and my church.

And hey, I have no  problem with that. Because in my job I deal with people with issues and sometimes you have to try and get where they will comprehend the real deal.

What I forgot, Sam has not comprehended the real deal 1995 through 2017. Why did I thing he would comprehend the real deal then.

Why was I calling Sam? I have dealt with Sam and this issue since 1995.

BOTTOM PICTURE is the notebook file I have just on Sam Tew. So I speak with knowledge.

The Sam Tew story is a really sad one and one that I hate to write. He can be a good guy, he just has to get on his medication and get over it.




Sam Tew - Candidate For Dothan School Board Chairman Arrested

Sam Tew - Candidate For Dothan School Board Chairman Arrested

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