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Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Jun 24 2017 11:30 PM



From Kristian Chadwick FACEBOOK:

okay well i wasn't going to go on social media for this in hopes I could rely on the Ozark police department, dale county DHR and the sheriffs office to handle it and do what needs to be done for justice for my son.

So here it is, back in Feb. of this year i got a call from the vice principle Barrentine at D.A Smith Middle school telling me that my son was in the office for horse playing outside.

So i asked him what did he mean by horse playing. mr. barrentine said running, jumping and acting out.

While he had me on the phone he says i know you signed the form for no paddling but you only have two options. 1) come get him from school and he is suspended from school for three days or 2) let me go ahead and give him a paddle and he can go back to class.

so i was stuck i didnt want them paddling him nor did i want him to lose credit for being suspended. so i gave the go ahead to paddle and send him back. (ive been paddled in high school by the football coach and it wasn't that bad.. is what i was thinking) this call took place at 8:30am-9am.

so we hung up.. well 3:45pm comes around and my son gets off the bus from school walking weird so i asked why he was doing that. he came back in and said um mom its from the paddling today i haven't been able to sit down today. i looked at him and said whatever it couldnt have been that bad. well he came over showed me his legs and but!!! i instantly jumped up from the table.

i couldn't believe it!! he started tearing up and said you told them they could paddle me!! ya'll i felt like the most horrible mother alive!!! he then went into telling me about the sharp pains he kept feeling in his private.

so i went to the ER. when we got there and showed them the bruising and told them about the pain the nurse freaked went and got another nurse they took pictures and put us in a room in the back and told us since it was that severe they had to contact the police and dhr. we was there for a few hours they had to give him medicine with codeine in it for the pain because he still couldnt sit or lay on one side.

so when the police officers came to make a report thats when they learned it was Mrs. Peterman (wife of officer Peterman at opd) and Mr. Barrentine where the onee that paddle my son that hard (3 licks)

Mrs. Peterman was the witness to Barrentine hitting my son like he was a grown man (he is only 12) after the first hit my son jumped up and said no call my momma your hitting me wrong because that when the sharp pain went straight to his private. Mrs. Peterman just stood there while the man told my son to turn back around and bend that his momma wasnt going to save him now.

then she let him hit my son 2 more times!!! they sent him back to class and he started getting in trouble and picked on because he couldnt sit down. they made him stay all day like this.

but anyway back to me talking to the officers that came, at first it was all about abuse charges being filed because the er doctor said thats exactly what it is.

but once they learned who was involved things changed DHR wouldnt come up and get involved, and they took the officer that was there off and put in officer juno over the case. that when he told me dhr decided it isnt a case for them and that no charges will be filed.

because its between the school and student. in the same breath looks at me and says but if you was to send him to school like that you would already be in jail!!!

ive went to the board, i went to a meeting with marlos and juno and they wanted to put me in a interview room like i was the one that hurt my son instead of going and arresting the ones that done the abuse!!

i have a list of steps ive taken and many people ive reported this too and because its petermans wife noone will do anything  

i took my son from the school. mrs. parrish called and told me i had to bring him back or i could get arrested i told her he will not come back until they remove the problem from the school.

she told me she can assure me there will not be any employment changes over this.

the board told me even if they was found guilty of abuse it was still up to them if peterman and barrentine leave or not. ive called every school around this area and everyone of them have said i cant put my son there. enterprise board said D.A Smith sent over paperwork labeling my son had a problem child!!!

i asked if i could get a copy so i can take it to my lawyer because ive never had to go to the school except twice once when a boy jumped on my son and he fought back and then for the paddling he got.

he said he cant give me that information.  

so anyone reading this if you have any advice for me to help my son please feel free to message me!!!

this town has shut every door in my face trying to cover for these two abusive staff members teaching our children in the schools!

mrs. peterman should have stepped up and stopped it beacause she was in the position too!!

( o and when we went to the dhr here in dale county we tried to show her the pictures of this and she flat out told me " o ive already looked at these and we cant get involved"

so i asked her who showed you pictures? she didnt answer her hands shook she was so nerves.

so i asked was it officer peterman because i was up here and seen him talking to yall and handed you a file. yall her eyes got red and she just moved back from the table and said look ive seen the pictures and we cant get involved. and left it at that so we got up and left.

ive contacted many lawyers and everyone of them dont want to get involved because basically dealing with ozark is a joke!

now when that comes from a lawyer its very sad!! please share maybe if the right person reads this will be able to help me or willing to help me! thank you!

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