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A 19 Year Old’s Perspective On Nut Hand Chosen To Run Against Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Jun 03 2018 9:18 PM

A nut case was “hand picked” by one current person in power and one the registered voters of Dale County has already booted from office.

This nut was on the Dale County Courthouse steps on Saturday.

A 19 year old, who supports Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson, went just to hear what the nut case had to say.

The following is the description written by the 19 year old...

This will be a long post, and it will not be a post that shows disrespect to Mr. Ron Watson, even though he showed it to me today.

I went to the courthouse for information. He said he had it so I went. After introducing myself, I sat down and didn't say a single word. I just listened. I listened to the insults, and possibly many lies as he had no evidence, he had against Commissioner Frankie Wilson, Sheriff Wally Olson, DCBOE District 4 candidate Heath Hughes, and the mayor of Newton. I had plans on possibly talking with him 1 on 1 but I told myself I wouldn't unless the time felt right. After passing out audits, which he didn't explain how to read, and ranting a little bit more there was a couple sitting by me and they got up to leave. Then Mr. Watson turned to me and asked me if I had any questions. I continued to keep it respectful, and I told him to give me a minute to think of some because I am voting for Wally Olson but I wanted to hear what he had to say. Then he gets in my face and the personal attacks start. He asks me if the audits mean anything to me, I try to explain I don't understand them and he just ignores it. He asked me why I was voting for Wally, and I replied because I met him a few times because I am connected to him from graduating at Skipperville. I do not know our Sheriff personally, but by the Skipperville connection, I know who he is and the man of character and integrity he is. Then he began to attack me saying I was a part of the Skipperville group and that was why I was voting for Wally. He chatters a little more, then asks me if Wally is an honorable LEO and I reply yes I believe so. He then calls me a danger to society, tells me I need to get my (expletive) thoughts together, and tells me I do not understand how the voting system works before he walks back to the few supporters he has and ignores me the rest of the time. His wife approached me a few minutes later and tells me to make sure I vote, to which I reply "I promise I will." I wished her a good day, and I left.

This is why Wally needs to stay our Sheriff. A man in his 50s or 60s has had no problem insulting people that disagree with him on social media, and today he got into the face of a 19 year old and yelled at me like you would yell at a dog. He asked me who Wally was, and since he wouldn't let me answer to his face because of his continuous interruptions and insults, I will answer here.

Wally Olson is a husband and father. Wally Olson is the one that stayed up for a week when a 5 year old boy was taken hostage in Midland City. Wally Olson is the one that was cooking in the rain before the 6th grade graduation at GW Long while his opponent was mud slinging on Facebook. Wally Olson is the one that when I left home two years ago, his deputies and his department made sure I stayed safe. Wally Olson is my Sheriff. Has he been perfect, I doubt it. Has he done anything that should make him lose his job? Definitely not.

Dale County, we have a choice to make this Tuesday. And I hope the choice is Wally Olson. Because I fear a sheriff's office being ran by Ron Watson as much as I fear a country being ran by Hillary Clinton. #VoteForWally #June5th

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