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HAYNES Ambulance Demands Retraction - Has Attorney Send Letter - RSN Replies - And We Are WAITING and WAITING and WAITING

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Jun 14 2018 10:30 AM

COFFEE COUNTY:    RSN posted a article concerning Coffee County EMS not mutual aid requesting Enterprise Rescue to a recent mass casualty motor vehicle accident.

Haynes Ambulance apparently hired a law firm in Montgomery to threaten RSN about correcting it's article.

RSN strives to have articles correct. If anything was stated wrong we want to and will correct it. We responded to the attorney to (1) correct their email address for corresponding to RickeyStokesNews (2) provide a copy of the contract with Coffee County Commission/Coffee County EMS/City of Elba. This was to verify what is stated in the attorney's correspondence.


To date there has been no response from the attorney. So today we again corresponded with them VIA EMAIL requesting the documents. However through  our investigation we have uncovered potential other information and requesting truthful and factual statements from Haynes through their attorney.

The attorney threatened seeking " consider appropriate legal action ". I assume that means filing a lawsuit against RSN. I offered to pay the filing fee for them to file a lawsuit. Because that would give RSN the authority to subpoena documents and to take depositions. And there are some documents I want and can not get without subpoena power. There are also some questions of which I would like asked and answered, under oath and the criminal penalties of perjury. So the lawsuit would give me that opportunity to subpoena things and seek information through the legal depositions. And they would be published and/or livestreamed. And they can ask me whatever they want. 

With all of that said, RSN has the thought process of emergency services that others must not. And that thought process is...the goal of emergency services is to save lives and property. Those mandates to save lives and property are not territorial but the nearest and most efficient method possible in order to save lives and property. The emergency providers should never worry about who gets credit, just save the life and provide top quality medical treatment.

The goal of my article, of which those in charge have missed, if the attitude of the powers to be are "We do not like them so we are not going to call them", that is wrong. The incident in question was a mass casualty incident. The patient is what counts not attitudes or power struggles.

So quit shooting the messenger and READ CAREFULLY THE MESSAGE... if the message sent by whomever was not to mutual aid assist request the nearest qualified agency, that is not acceptable. And the intent of the article was to cast light and get that changed. Because the next mass casualty incident could be me or you.




This is the second EMAIL RESPONSE to your email dated June 11, 2018.


1. Please change email address to

2. is a limited liability corporation in the State of Alabama and has nothing to do whatsoever with Houston County. DO NOT use the email address you first used to correspond with me concerning anything to do with

3. In my response the first time I asked for a copy of the contract with Coffee County Commission/Coffee County EMS/City of Elba concerning ambulance. This request is in an effort to verify what you state in your letter. If Haynes was not in command of Coffee County EMS I want to verify by said contract. News reports reflect in May 2018 the contract was awarded.

4. However since the initial news article sources have indicated the helicopter of Haynes would not start in the scene initially. The patient is reported to have been removed from the helicopter and placed in an ambulance. Then the pilot was able to start the helicopter and the patient was loaded for the second time in the Haynes aircraft. Please confirm or deny. For your information we have confirmed through investigation some of the information but would like Haynes response to this issue to make sure their side is voiced in the issue of the aircraft. Please make sure your answer is accurate and truthful.


As I stated in the first response and will state again, RSN wants to get the information correct and will do so. If your legal action is that Haynes wants to file suit against RSN, let me know and I will pay the filing fee for Haynes to file suit. Because that will then give me subpoena authority and deposition authority. And there are some questions of which I would like to ask under oath and penalties of perjury. And those depositions will be published and or streamed live.


And I could care less what I am asked in a deposition.


For me to correct the article I anxiously await your production of the contract in order for me to verify the factual date Haynes Ambulance takes over Coffee County EMS and if Haynes had anything to do with the statements of Enterprise Rescue.


Rickey Stokes

Haynes Ambulance Stokes 06.11.18 -PDF by Rickey Stokes on Scribd

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