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I Am Burdened - Moral Injury - Fighting

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Mar 22 2019 10:01 PM

CAUTION:   Some of the words used in video should not have been used, but the message the person is giving needs to be heard, and not just in the medical field.

The message in this video is one that not only medical providers and leaders need to hear, but persons in authority who reign control over people need to hear LOUD and CLEAR. 

Recently I took a issue to task. It has probably caused me friendship over my stand and damaged professional relationships.

The stand was not for me and had zero advantages for me personally. But it was a fight for one who could not fight but they need help. And the help the "system" was engaging in and forcing, would not help the person whip what they are fighting and is destroying their life.

The sad thing is, those in the seats of power, they want to be critical of the messenger. They do not want to listen to the message. And a comment made today was unacceptable because they are in control over someone's life. And the decisions they are making in their heart, they know are not best for the individual.

But their ego is to big for them to get past for them to make the right decisions that are best for the person's problem. And they think they are untouchable and can be a smartass, when in reality they are showing they do not care to fix. They are just stuck on their power and ego.

This message spoke to me about the moral injury and why I get passionate about certain issues. Why I will challenge a person in power and call them out. It does not benefit me. In fact it just causes me heartache, stress, retaliation by those in power, ridiculed, cussed, life threatened. 

But I can truly say with 100% assurance, GOD has used me as one grain of sand to play a role in GOD'S big plan for change. That change was when one's life had or is spiraling out of control. And those in power were heartless, talked to them like a dog, and would not allow someone in their life to be treated like they are treating that person.

And that is what causes my issues and the fights I get in.

People talk about me that I have an agenda. There are no jobs I want, no houses I want, no things I want anymore. There are no political jobs that I want or positions that I seek, want or will ever run for. There are some jobs I want to give up.

But what I want is to make a difference. To make a difference in the positive way for people with problems, issues, and in the community. 

I am very burdened tonight. Because of those in power not caring, being a total smartass to people and that person has to take it. Burdened those in power never want to listen to the message, they only want to shoot the messenger.

Burdened because I truly care about people and try to help people who can not fight the system. Because some in the system are heartless and revengeful. I know because if GOD had not given me a strong backbone they would have destroyed me a long time ago.

I have seen those the system and people in power have destroyed. One person, when they retired from the system and began to look from the outside in, told me that they did not realize how bad it was until they got outside and looked. And those who can not stand up to the fight, those who are making decisions because of their ego and not in the best interest of those we serve, those are the ones I call out.

And I do not care what those people think of me. They can call me whatever they desire and I will agree with them on whatever they want to call me. I have broad shoulders and can take it. But I will not allow them to run over and destroy people just because they have the power to.

While this article is not necessarily talking about Southeast Health/Southeast Alabama Medical Center/Rick Sutton, my stand cost me advertisers and revenue on issues I called Rick Sutton and the Board out on. I lost some advertisers because some people were more concerned with their status then the quality healthcare provided. 

Houston County Commissioner Brandon Shoupe, while they are issues we do not agree on, Commissioner Shoupe did have the backbone to publically call out the Board of Directors of Southeast Health/Southeast Alabama Medical Center. It has taken a couple of years for them to catch on to what I have been saying, but they are finally getting it.

I am also troubled because suicides are on the increase. A lot of threats of people to take their life. The last two weeks children and young adults have taken their life. Tonight a young adult took his life. Intentionally ended his life over temporary problems. That burdens me.

And people who pretend to be friends but in reality they are users. Most around me are not friends with me because they like me and I realize that. They are only friends because they need something. But none can say that no matter how they treat me that I have ever turned my back on them.

Yep. I have a burden tonight or you might just call it plain 'ol pissed off at some abusers of power. I have a burden that people do not feel loved, they do not feel appreciated, do not feel there are solutions to issues other than the taking of their own life. And for the record it is not because their family has not shown them love that caused the decision to take their life.

Folks, it is for real. TONIGHT a families life has been turned upside down because someone decided to end their life. I am not sure what the answer is, but I do know "WHO" holds the answer.

Changes are made because someone has backbone, courage and a willingness to take a stand. Not because you just do nothing.


When I see another provider who is burned out, my reaction has always been:

“Get another job.  You have no business doing this kind of work.”

Until I saw this video, I never really considered the concept of moral injury.

If a fellow paramedic hurts his back lifting or wrestling with a patient, I would never thing to say, “Get another job.  You don’t belong in this work work anymore.”

Companies take great precautions to make our work physically safe.  There have been great innovations in stretcher design (when I started we used a two man dead lift), stair chairs, safety nets, and driver safety systems.  And while most services have employee assistance programs, I can’t think of any preventative measure routinely taken in EMS to prevent moral burnout.  Long shifts, holdovers, too few cars on the road, 911s holding, order-ins.

Meat in the seat.

There is always a new hiring class to pick up the fallen stethoscopes and take their places on the front lines. 

It is hard to change things overnight.

I am glad there seems to be an awakening ahead.

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