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Investigation Of Those In Power - Beginning With The Courts - We Begin In Taylor

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Aug 27 2018 12:27 PM


We are investigating those in power. Those in black robes with authority to steal money from your wallets and wreck your lives.

To investigate those who talk to, not just the defendants but their families like they are trash.

NOT ALL JUDGES DO THAT. But some do. Not All Houston County Judges do that. But some do.

And those in the system that rob money from your pocket under pretense of the law.

We begin our journey in Taylor Alabama. A small community on the west side of Houston County. Billy Snell serves as Mayor. 

When you can not immediately provide proof of insurance the officer writes you a traffic ticket for no proof of insurance. Does not give you time to look for it often citing he does not have time to wait.

He does have time to wait if he wants the drug dog to walk around your car!

But the officer writes you the ticket for no proof of insurance.

In most courts, to include Houston County District Court, when the person shows the Magistrate they had valid insurance on the day in question, the ticket is dismissed. But in Taylor Municipal Court they still charge you with court costs. Taylor Court Costs is $ 185.00.

A mere example:  a speeding ticket, the fine is only $ 20.00. But court costs i $ 185.00. Making that speeding ticket a total of $ 205.00

The $ 185.00 court costs is charged whether you go to court or not.

Again most jurisdictions dismiss the ticket if you have insurance on the day in question. The Town of Taylor takes your money.

Kinda legal extortion - pay $ 185.00 or the Judge ( the man in the black robe on the throne ) will put you in jail.

So what choice does the little man have in courts? Municipal - District - Circuit.

Most Houston County Judges treat you with respect. Others think they know everything and talk to families like dogs. Respectful families and men of dignity and respect who have earned more dignity and respect than the Judge has ever earned. But the man has to take being talked to like a mangy ol dog just because of a man in the black robe, on a throne with a gavel.

NOTE:  Between articles like this and other powerful entities like Rick Sutton, I have been targeted, advertisers contacted some lost, because, unlike some of the so called leaders,  I have a backbone that is not made of paper. But I will not back done. Might kill me - but will not back down from any of you. So threaten and come after me all you want.

My name is Rickey Stokes. My office is at 109 East Adams Street, Dothan Alabama 36303. My phone number is 334-790-1729. My email is [email protected].

You can send me information on those in power, take pictures of them in the public with your phones, or call or come by and cuss me out and tell me I am an idiot.

But I will fight for those who can not fight for themselves.

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