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Press Conference Of Mrs McCraney and Attorney Harrison On Ozark Murder Case

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Mar 20 2019 1:35 PM

OZARK:      This morning Attorney David Harrison held a press conference in front of the Dale County Courthouse. Harrison has been employed by Coley McCraney.

Harrison said he called this press conference to represent Coley McCraney and show you who he is.

Harrison said that rules of the Alabama Rules of Professional Conduct prevent him from speaking as to the facts of this case. But what he will say is Coley McCraney is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Coley McCraney has a constitutional right as provided for in the 1901 Constitution that he is not guilty until proven guilty in a court of law.

Harrison said we are putting together a defense team. Attorney Andrew Scarbrough from Dothan has joined Harrison in the defense of Coley McCraney. Harrison said they will be bringing on a forensic expert, DNA expert and crime scene reconstruction expert.

Harrison said he is asked by everyone Who is Coley McCraney. No one knows Coley McCraney more than his wife and family. His wife wanted to speak to the public through the media and tell you who Coley McCraney is.

Mrs. McCraney – for those of you wondering who is Coley McCraney, she said that she is there to be his voice. The crime he is being accused of is a horrible crime. But everyone who knows my man of God knows that this is only a test in the challenge of faith.

My husband once told me that the closer you are to God the battles we will face will sometimes become unbearable. But to know God is to trust Him.

Mrs. McCraney said she grieves for the family of these two young ladies. However I am here to tell you the man behind those bars is innocent. And at this point he is praying for your comfort as well.

Our children and I are waiting for the testimony that my husband will have and be able to share when this moment is over.  Cause we know God is working up a fire within him.

In our family Coley has always been our strong hold. We may be broken at this point but know we are graciously broken.

I proclaim my husband’s innocence. And I am here to be his voice. And I can already tell you there is an expiration date on all of this. For those time when my family feels the road is rough I’m going to be there praying them on and ask you to do the same. What God has put together no one will take apart. My husband and I are we are one who will always be.

Mrs. McCraney said she is “not afraid of the enemy however the enemy better be afraid of me.” Mrs. McCraney said Coley has taught them that he wants them to be faith minded through every trial and tribulation they will face.  And I know that the battle we facing right now are not ours but is the Lord’s. She said that she is there to reshape the image that has been set out of my husband. Through me you will see Coley. And just like Coley use to tell me we are like a palm tree, the might bend but will never break. This battle is not our’s alone but everything attached to God will come out as winners. You might ask who Coley McCraney is but I hope that I have given you some type of enlightenment.


This is a tragedy no matter how you look at it, your response the press conference Monday where authorities seem pretty confident in the DNA test, your response?

ANSWER:   I have not watched any news articles and my thing is my husband is innocent and that is my response.

MEDIA:   Do you believe your husband will get a fair trial in Dale County if it is not moved?

ANSWER:  No I don’t.

MEDIA:  Do you think your attorney will plan to ask the trial to be moved?

ANSWER:  you will have to ask my attorney

HARRISON:   Truly believe in the people of Dale County, I think they are fair and forthright. However we have a man’s life at stake and we will make that decision at the time we have to make that decision. Harrison said he thinks the time is 30 days from the preliminary hearing. If need be we will file a motion if needed.

Yesterday I was at the jail seeing Mr. McCraney and the media was outside and asked for a interview. As we prepared for the interview while standing outside the jail a car rode by and they were white anglo saxon protestants they rode by and shouted out their window that he is innocent and did not do it. So that decision we have to make will not be made right now. At the end of the day it has to be beyond a reason doubt. The gentleman asked about the DNA and I can’t comment about the DNA. What will the DNA show, so many factors. We will zealously defend Mr. McCraney and seek every opportunity to exonerate him and might bring the real killer to light.

MEDIA:   Who do you think is the real killer?

HARRISON:   I can’t comment about anything like that right. I will say Coley McCraney is a innocent man. He says he is innocent and the Constitution says he is innocent until proven innocent.

MEDIA:   Please take us through the chain of events of when you found out and your reaction.

MRS. McCRANEY:   When did I know. I am grateful for live through 360 so I keep up with my husband and I knew exactly where he was. I thought he was hurt. Something was not right when I was picking up where he was.

MEDIA:   So you did not know he was a suspect until they apprehended him until last Friday.


MEDIA:   Where was your husband on July 31, 1999?
ATTORNEY:  We are not going to discuss that.

MEDIA:  Were ya’ll married in 1999.


MEDIA:  So you did not know him in 1999?

MRS. McCRANEY:  Yes I did

MEDIA:   Can you describe Mr. McCraney’s life in 1999.

MRS. McCRANEY:   He was a truck driver. Met March 20 1998 and I have known him for 21 years and he was not a preacher then. He was just a good family man to the kids he had then. He was a good family man and that was what drew her to him. There was something mentioned about a DNA test that he ran. I tell you that that is a lie. Because I am the wife, I paid for the blood test myself. I was the wife, the girlfriend. Please check your facts.

As Mrs. McCraney was making the statement of the DNA Attorney David Harrison whispered something in Mrs. McCraney’s ear and she remarked sorry. So it is assumed he cautioned her to stay away from comments concerning DNA.

MEDIA:  How are your children holding up and explain to the children.

MRS. McCRANEY:    My children are faith minded and they automatically know something is not right. They are going about their life like he is on the road. They know he is innocent.

MEDIA:   How is your husband emotionally at this point?

MRS. McCRANEY:   My husband is a praying man. He is not worried. She said she has talked to him and is praying. That he believes in the justice system.

MEDIA:    The police have stated that Mr. McCraney voluntarily submitted a DNA sample to compare, can you discuss that.

HARRISON:   Yes it is accurate, think three or four weeks ago. Was not in the case at that time.

MRS. McCRANEY:    It has been about a month. I was there. They told us it was to better their search. I was there. He was told that he was going to look at a family tree. And my husband did not know anyone on that tree. After discussing everything else like basketball, football and everything else. He was asked what would you think about doing a DNA test. He asked me what I thought about it because he ask me everything. But first he asked did he need a lawyer and they said no. The police said this would broaden the search and the next time bring you in it would broaden the search. About a week ago he called my husband to come in again because he had another search, another list to look at. Mrs. McCraney said they were told it was related to this case. Mr. McCraney said they had nothing to hide so no problem in taking the test.

MEDIA:  Mr. Harrison can you confirm he was cooperative.


MRS. McCRANEY:   He was coming in so the facts of this man needs to be checked.

The media asked other questions and some were answered and some the attorneys said they could not answer.

Mr. McCraney has 6 children and 8 grand children. He is not a pastor but their home church is Northview Christian Church in Dothan and Hart Ramsey is their pastor.

HARRISON:    DNA means do not ask or do not answer. What does DNA mean? We are not going to have a trial or hold up the Constitution. I see and hear it.

More in the video.

Preliminary Hearing is April 3 at 9 AM.

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Press Conference Of Mrs McCraney and Attorney Harrison On Ozark Murder Case

Press Conference Of Mrs McCraney and Attorney Harrison On Ozark Murder Case

First Funeral

Press Conference Of Mrs McCraney and Attorney Harrison On Ozark Murder Case

Press Conference Of Mrs McCraney and Attorney Harrison On Ozark Murder Case

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