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Quitman County Georgia Sheriff and The Quest To Confirm - Someone Chewed Me This Morning

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Dec 27 2018 11:53 AM

QUITMAN CO. GA:      A few minutes ago a man called and chewed me out concerning the article about the body found in Lake Eufaula at Quitman County Georgia.

The man was mad that I slammed the Quitman County Sheriff and told me that he was on the scene of the death is why he did not call me back. But then said he read the Sheriff the article and the Sheriff was mad and is the reason he did not call me back.

The man would not be quiet long enough for me to explain, so I am going to explain the chain of events:

1. On Wednesday at 12:45 PM CST I was sent a text that read " dead body found in lake eufaula near lake point.

2. I sent a text to a civilian contact in Eufaula if they had heard and they had not.

3. I got busy on other articles and at 3:10 PM CST I got a phone call from someone else telling me a dead body was found.

4. At 3:13 PM I made a phone call to a contact that should have known if one was found in Eufaula and they did not know.

5. At 3:20 PM I called Eufaula Police asking for the Chief of Police or Public Information Officer to call me that I had received information that a body was found in Lake Eufaula near Lake Point.

6. At 3:24 PM I received a call that any information would need to come from Quitman County Sheriff Department.

7. I googled the Quitman County Georgia Sheriff Department and called the number, 229-334-3726, which was from the Quitman County Georgia Sheriff Department wen site. The call was made at 3:15 PM CST. The person who answered the phone I asked for the Sheriff and they asked which Sheriff. My reply was the Quitman County Sheriff. The call was transferred. The call was for 1 minute.

8. At 3:33 PM CST I again called 229-334-3726. Asked for the Quitman County Sheriff and the call was transferred. I stayed on the phone for 3 minutes with the phone ringing and no one ever answered. I let it ring until I stopped ringing. While it was ringing I emailed Sheriff Foster and a Deputy listed on the Quitman County Sheriff web site to call me. I also downloaded the Quitman County Sheriff badge and Sheriff Foster picture to add to the article because I had no scene pictures.

NOTE:  When you call 229-334-3726 the phones are answered in Clay County ( Ft. Gaines Georgia) and then transferred to Quitman County, Ga. I knew this and had/have no problems with that. In fact I think that is smart and cost saving for both counties. I did not tell the person answering the initial call my name, I just asked to speak to the Sheriff of Quitman County and was transferred to Quitman County.

9. At 3:44 PM I posted the article concerning the body being found. And I covered my efforts of trying to confirm information. I posted the Sheriff Department badge and picture and if anyone knew how to contact the Sheriff to ask him to call me. Did not think I was critical other then stating facts that occurred in the quest to confirm.

10.  At about 6:52 PM from some sources in and around Quitman County I had the information about the case.

11. At 10:42 PM CST ( remembering it is 11:42 PM in Georgia ) I posted the updated information. And yes was a little critical of the Sheriff.

By the way I have never met him and do not know anything about him. I stopped in to meet him one day and he was not in, No big deal no expectations of him always being in the office and no appointment was made. 

I also know Quitman County is a small county and if working a death scene the Sheriff probably would be on the scene. That is why I waited so long.

The badge picture and Sheriff picture were not posted out of malice as the caller wished to insinuate, they were posted because it was Quitman County and a graphic. No intent other than this is the badge and the Sheriff.

It is now Thursday, 11:42 AM CST and I have not heard from the Sheriff. And that is fine with me. That is the exact reason I reach out to sources other than people of authority. Sources you learn more information then you do from people of authority.

And people of authority often times are difficult to get in contact with and do not tell you what is going on or the truth.

To Sheriff B.J. Foster, I do not know you to like you or not like you. Yes, I had rather have a working relationship with you and was  not really trying to be critical in my first article posted. In the second article I was some what of a smart butt, but was showing I can find out information.

If you want to call me, 334-790-1729 and I reach out for a working relationship.

If you do not want to call me, that is your choice and decision. But I promise you when I get on path to find out something, I will find it out regardless of you calling or talking to me. Because I develop sources that do not include officials.

So if you never - ever - ever call me, that is fine with me and your choice.

But do not complain with what I find out...

To the People of Quitman County Georgia...TEXT RICKEY STOKES (334) 790 - 1729 with information on things happening. Snap pictures and send to RICKEY STOKES (334) 790-1729. When you see officials, snap pictures and TEXT RICKEY STOKES (334) 790 - 1729.

Quitman County Georgia Sheriff and The Quest To Confirm - Someone Chewed Me This Morning

Quitman County Georgia Sheriff and The Quest To Confirm - Someone Chewed Me This Morning

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