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This One Gave Me A Headache Trying To Explain

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Mar 23 2019 10:12 PM

LAW ENFORCEMENT - FIRE - EMS - EMERGENCY SERVICES:    It is difficult to explain but gonna give it a whirl.

In 1977 when I started there was a Alabama channel, 155.010, called Alabama Interagency. But as the clocked ticked towards the future the radio industry started to screw that up. And they have been extremely successful and accomplished their goal.


Dothan Police, Dothan Fire operate on a P25 system made by Motorola. 

Prior to Hurricane Michael, Houston County Sheriff Department operated on a UHF Analog commercial radio system. A radio system that Sheriff Valenza inherited. The department is working on a new radio system which is a UHF Digital system. Been working on it for several years. But it is declared as a"public works" project. And the Sheriff Department has hit multiple road blocks. 

The 17 Houston County Volunteer Fire and 5 EMS Transport in Houston County operated on the Forestry system. There were three towers, Memphis - Wicksburg and Pansey. They were UHF Analog. The fire association went to the commercial UHF digital because it was better. One reason was Wicksburg could not hear Webb and the same the other way.

Hurricane Michael hit. It knocked down the antenna for the commercial system. The Sheriff Department was completely out of business. They had Dothan radios and are currently operating on Dothan's P25 system. While it operates good there are some dead spots.

Houston County Volunteer Fire and 5 EMS, if it were not for TANGO TANGO some departments would not have radio service at all since Hurricane Michael.

Move to Dale County: Ozark Police and Ozark Fire went to a Harris Radio System. When they leave Ozark, nothing. No interagency interoperability. The Dale County Sheriff Department went to Motorola P25 through some "core" that talks through a core in Baldwin County. It does not operate right and goes down. A year ago Motorola said it was a 30 minute fix. But their clock stopped...and still issues with it.

But the system Ozark Police and Ozark Fire operate on, a totally different system then Dale County Sheriff. 

The volunteer fire and EMS in Dale County, they operate on a UHF analog system. But Daleville and Midland City operate on a UHF digital.

ALEA - Troopers operate on a analog VHF. The same system they had when I started in 1977. It has gotten better over the last couple of years. But the system was in operation in 1977 and still on it today.

Move to Henry County:    Headland Police operate on a UHF digital system and their own channel and dispatcher. Headland Fire operate on a UHF digital system through Headland Police dispatcher. 

Abbeville Police and the Sheriff Department did operate on a system together with one dispatcher. A quarrel between two resulted in Abbeville Police going to a UHF digital on their own channel and dispatcher. 

Henry County Sheriff Department stayed on the system that once served Abbeville Police and Henry County Sheriff Department, and moved their dispatch from Abbeville Police to the Henry County Jail.

The Henry County Volunteer Fire and EMS operate on a UHF analog. They are dispatched, depending on the location of the emergency by Headland Police or Abbeville Police.

And I could continue...but have a headache now.

So you see... which one wants to call me a bad name now?  I will agree with you, I AM ONE ( whatever you want to call me ).

If I am wrong, correct me!

TANGO TANGO is a way to solve it and is working. But I give up. Hopefully and prayerfully no officer, no fireman, no EMS will be injured or killed because of the communications and lack thereof. But we are one heartbeat away from it...that is reality.


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