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To The Headland Marathon Coffee Club - You Asked and Wanted To Know

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
Date: Nov 06 2018 11:32 AM

HENRY COUNTY AL:    Someone asked why the timing of the article concerning the Henry County Sheriff race.

First I was staying out of the race. It was the actions taken on a man that was not in the Sheriff race by the opposition to Sheriff Will Maddox that decided: (1) for me to expose their actions (2) and they made their move on Friday and Monday which caused me to expose their actions.

So those in question about (1) why I wrote the article, and (2) why the article was written the Friday before the election, that was the opposition decision. They were abusing a innocent party in an effort and attempt to destroy Will Maddox and defeat him on today.

The election process is about (1) why you are qualified to serve (2) why should we change (3) why are you better to serve. The election is not about trying to destroy the opposition or anyone surrounding the opposition.

And I despise corrupt legal authorities who abuse their power on the powerless. And what happened in the case of the Reserve Deputy being prosecuted is because the District Attorney filed a complaint with the Secretary of State and Attorney General Office. The opponent of Sheriff Will Maddox is a Investigator with the District Attorney Office. They made the arrest on Friday and the Attorney General sent a Twitter message on the arrest yesterday. 

The opposition to Will Maddox determined that I expose their tactics and they determined the timing based on their actions.

Attorney General Special Prosecutor Matt Hart is involved in this. He is the most dangerous man in the legal system. And I refuse to vote for Steve Marshall until which time he fires Matt Hart. 

Because I gave my word on some things I can not tell you what all they have done to this man because he supported Will Maddox. But I will say, Matt Hart and some of the Will Maddox opposition deserve for there to be a public caning on the courthouse lawn in Abbeville or on the square in Headland.


The next question that I was asked this morning was about the dispatch of the Henry County Sheriff Department. That Sheriff Will Maddox made the decision to change the dispatch from Abbeville Police Department to the Henry County Jail.

Since Sheriff Welcher was Sheriff of Henry County, Abbeville Police has handled the dispatch for the Sheriff Department. During the day some would come directly from the Sheriff Department but after hours Abbeville Police would do dispatch.

Abbeville Police overtime grew and Mayor Billy Helms put a stop to the overtime. The overtime was not because of dispatch. Abbeville Police Chief Noel Vanlandingham demanded more money from Henry County in order to continue dispatching for Henry County Sheriff Department. I was in the meeting. Chief Vanlandingham sent a letter to Sheriff Will Maddox that if the money was not paid on November 1 Abbeville Police would stop dispatching for the Sheriff Department.

That left Sheriff Maddox with no alternative but to make arrangement for dispatch services.

During that meeting I turned the camera off and at the end of the meeting I asked could I comment or did they want to just read it. They decided to hear it.

My comments, there were three (3) people responsible for communications in Henry County being screwed up, and two were in the room. Those three people are (1) Billy Helms - Mayor of Abbeville Alabama, (2) David Money - Chairman/Probate Judge of Henry County, and (3) Ray Marler - Mayor of Headland Alabama.

Helms and Money were in the room, Marler was not there. Because I said, "he who controls the gold controls the game". And these three are in charge of the money for Abbeville, Henry County and Headland.

You have probably 45 law enforcement positions between Headland Police, Henry County Sheriff Department and Abbeville Police. But you have the three law enforcement agencies now on three different radio systems, three different dispatchers. Headland Fire is on one radio system and all others are on another radio system.

The Henry County 911 has enough money to take over the dispatch services for the entire county. That would save Headland about $ 125,000.00 a year and Abbeville about $ 125,000.00 a year, and whatever Henry County pays. If 911 needed a boost probably with the 911 fund no agency would pay more than $ 25,000.00 a year to help it.

The only 911 Chairman Henry County has ever had is Mark Jones, Headland Police Chief. But everyone in Henry County pays into the 911 fund. Before Will Maddox was Sheriff the 911 system was established. And the Sheriff Department is nor represented on the 911 Board.

Love Mark Jones.

But as Chairman of 911 he is not doing what he should as the Chairman of the HENRY COUNTY 911 ( that is not just the City of Headland but Henry County ), by not stepping up to the plate and saying... 


Then Billy Helms, David Money and Ray Marler need to say, this will be followed, it is best for the citizens, law enforcement and emergency responders, and the taxpayers.

Instead, the current system is going to get a law enforcement officer killed or citizen killed. And these children trapped in adult bodies need to grow up, stop power struggles and stop this garbage. Because they are going to be responsible for the death.

So Mark, you might not have had the support. I have exposed it. So now fix it and put your foot down that this is the way it is going to be.

But Abbeville Police Chief Noel Vanlandingham has forced the Sheriff Department to start their own dispatch or pay the City of Abbeville money. The Henry County Commission, not the Sheriff, is in charge of the money. One of the Henry County Commissioners is Jay Calhoun who ran against Sheriff Will Maddox. He has authority to fund Vanlandingham's request. 

But it should be fixed and...

Again, it is totally the fault of Billy Helms, David Money and Ray Marler for not stepping up to the plate and forcing the hands to do what is best for the citizens.

So whoever it running around saying it is the Sheriff who refuses, that ain't true.

There has been disagreements as to which radio system is operating better. But that can be solved.

The radio industry has done more to screw up law enforcement emergency communications than any other industry. The 1970's system was better in service to the public then the systems of today. And we are "suppose" to be better today technology wise then we are.

But what system works best ALL OVER HENRY COUNTY is what system wins.


I like each of the names mentioned. I do not hate Jay Henry. But it makes my blood boil when I see someone mistreated by the "system".

And this Reserve Deputy has been mistreated and he attempted to do things correctly. But when you listen to the Board of Registrars who spend more time playing cards on the computer then learning their job, they can get you into trouble.

But this Reserve Deputy has been mistreated and abused, violated, by those who are suppose to be honest in the system. But those suppose to be honest are more dishonest than most criminals. And their actions have been taken because they oppose Will Maddox, this Reserve Deputy has just been the victim of politics.

So my timing, the Will Maddox opposition forced me to expose them and their actions. They forced the timing.

And the radio system and dispatch, what some have been saying is not the truth.

And Mark Jones as Chairman of Henry County 911 does not have to wait on Helms, Money and Marler to solve the problem.

But if Mark does not, then Helms, Money and Marler need to force it. And they control the gold.


Hope that I have answered the questions to the Marathon Coffee Club.

I am man enough to stand behind what I say. While most do not think I know what I am talking about, normally I know more then you think. Have done my homework, and man enough to stand behind what I have to say. I have no political agenda.

I am neither republican or democrat, I am a citizen who is for Alabama and the United States, not for a party. I am for what is best for the city, county, state and nation.

Just because you belong to a political party does not make your ideas correct. Believe me, there are plenty of DUMB ASS democrats, republicans, independents, etc... if everyone in power would do what is best for the city, county, state and nation, what would we be?

In closing, the timing was Will Maddox opposition timing for their actions. And you can not convince me that is was not politically motivated. Arrest on Friday before the election, press release from Steve Marshall and Twitter on Monday before the election...

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