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What A Change In The Dothan School Board Meetings

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Jan 23 2019 2:56 PM

DOTHAN:        Last night I had the opportunity of attending a Dothan School Board Meeting. One of the first I have attended in a long time.

Traditionally school board meetings are as exciting as watching paint dry. And they will wear you out.

But I will have to say the Dothan School Board Meeting last night was exciting. Real information was provided. Students were engaged and there was a lot of excitement in the room.

There has been a lot of dialogue about the changes in the Dothan City Schools. A lot of negative dialogue from some. And a lot of people showing their true colors.

But what I observed last evening was positive change.

That under the direction of School Board Chairman Mike Schmitz and the members of the Dothan School Board  have done what others on the School Board have never done. And that is roll their sleeves up and go to work, make difficult decisions with one goal in mind – “teaching kids and giving them a education for their future”.

The decision for the high school name, school colors, mascot, some 33 students from Dothan High School and Northview High School, 10th and 11th graders, met several times, came together with dialogue and discussion, and made a decision.

One School Board Member quipped these 33 need to go to Washington D.C. and teach some things!

Wiregrass Foundation, Dr. Barbara Alford, made a presentation backed up with data. An agreement with Wiregrass Foundation and Dothan City Schools was set to expire December 2019. The foundation has agreed to extend for 5 years because of the positive data.

Over 160 applicants for a program ( I did not understand the entire program but will be exploring ). Three of the Dothan City Schools were finalists.

A new head coach for the new Dothan High School year 2019 – 2020 was hired, Smitty Grider.

A $ 15 million dollar bond issue to stop placing band aids on problems with the school facilities but to fix the problems for once.

All of the school board members, and I mean all of them, were excited to be a part of what is going on. Even those who voted no on the proposed change several meetings ago. They were excited at what all is happening.

Dothan City Schools is FINALLY seeing things get accomplished. Things are moving. And if everyone will work together, I personally think in the end product everyone will be proud of what you see.

Rickey Stokes does not have any children in Dothan City Schools. I have a grandson in a Houston County Schools. But I was excited about what I saw, excited about those in attendance being excited, and something I never thought I would see in my life…

And that is (1) The Dothan School Board excited (2) The Dothan School Board in Harmony (3) The Dothan School Board moving forward in progress, and (4) the Dothan School Board actually making changes, popular and unpopular.

It was actually exciting.

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